The ICA in collaboration with the ICA Youth Network organised the second edition of the GlobalYouth Forum - Cooperative Entrepreneurship (GYF21) in March 2021 within the framework of ICA-EU Partnership (#coops4dev) to bring together young entrepreneurs and professionals from across the world.

The two-day event featured a range of training sessions on topics such as cooperative identity, gender equality, digital tools for coop entrepreneurship, and policy. The event started with an introductory session by the Global Youth Network (GYN) and was followed by networking sessions with regional youth networks/ committees. From the Asia and Pacific region, ICYC interacted with the participants and shared its history, mission, key activities and future plan with the participants.

On the second day, ICYC held an interactive workshop titled “Youth Green Cooperative: Initiatives Connecting SDG-13, Youth and Cooperatives in Asia and Pacific” to share the success stories from the Go Green Campaign (GGC) 3.0. The GGC is a multi-year initiative of ICYC to create awareness on climate action and engage youth in reducing carbon footprint through cooperatives. It is a platform that connects youth with the SDGs. As part of GGC 3.0, more than 17,000 trees were planted in the Asia and Pacific region.

Three members from the ICYC - Ms. Youhana Tamara Yunsia from Credit Union Keling Kumang, Indonesia; Mr. Cecile Jay L. Masanegra from AIMCooP, Philippines; and Ms. Dulce S. Bustamante from Young Entrepreneurs Service Cooperative (YES Coop), Philippines shared success stories from GGC in their respective countries.

Ms. Bustamante shared how the YES Coop undertook a tree plantation in Imus and initiated the “Eco-Savers Program” in collaboration with the local government, cooperatives and schools under the Department of Education. The program involved setting up a laboratory (student) cooperative, which now has over 40,000 members. Students from 20 schools participated in the program to promote a model where they collect waste to reuse and recycle and invest the money earned into their laboratory cooperative. Mr. Masanegra spoke about AIMCoop’s campaign in the Philippines and their efforts to develop and nurture the mindset of children in their formative years to care for the environment. Ms. Tamara shared milestones of the youth’s growing interest in GGC and it being enthusiastically adopted in Indonesia.

ICA-AP was also part of the workshop on ‘Report Lab: Young People and Cooperatives: A perfect Match?’ organised by the #coops4dev research team. The workshop was organised to share the key findings of the global thematic research report which presents the results of a research study on cooperatives and youth, undertaken by the ICA and its four regional offices. The report was completed with external support from the Co-operative College (UK) and inputs from the ICA Youth Network.

ICYC sharing success stories from the Go Green Campaign (GGC) 3.0 at GYF 21