Participants at the Hybrid 11th Asia and Pacific Regional Women's Forum

The identity of women cooperators is embedded within a wide range of social, economic, cultural, political, and religious contexts, which shape and influence their position in society. The Cooperative Identity rooted in principles and values offers women the opportunity to organise themselves to realise their common economic, social and cultural needs irrespective of their backgrounds and contexts.

Ms. Anahita Eslahpazir, CEO, Rah-e-Roshd Cooperative, Iran making a presentation
on Cooperative Principle 1 - Voluntary and Open Membership

At the ICA’s 33rd World Cooperative Congress in November 2021, women cooperators met in Seoul at the 11th Asia and Pacific Regional Women’s Forum to discuss why the Cooperative Identity matters to women. The forum deliberated on how the Cooperative Identity positively impacts women cooperative members from diverse backgrounds; issues and challenges experienced by women in practising cooperative principles and values; and what can be done to further strengthen the positive impact.

Given the increasing episodes of intra and inter-state conflicts and violence against women, the forum encouraged an exchange of views between cooperators on the impact of conflict and violence on women and sought their recommendations for the inclusion of peace and non-violence in the SCI.