Cooperatives Combat COVID-19

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) launches a solidarity fund to address health needs and provide livelihood support

India and Nepal are experiencing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths. The news and images coming out have evoked anguish, concern, and grief. This is followed by the question; how can we help? Your global concern has touched and consoled us. Yes, cooperatives and cooperators need both your wishes and your support as the magnitude of the challenge is daunting.

Cooperatives and their members have not been immune to the impact of the pandemic. We have lost stalwarts in the field; the health, lives and livelihoods of members and their families have been affected; and businesses of cooperatives have been disrupted. Even during these dire times, cooperatives have come together to support their members and the community (the pandemic does not discriminate).

Cooperatives are already demonstrating how to make a real difference to members and communities

The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) is building oxygen plants for free,

The Uralungal Labor Contract Cooperative Society (ULCCS) is shifting entire oxygen plants to hospital sites,

The National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) is providing support to cooperatives to plan and set up new hospitals or upgrade existing infrastructure, and

The National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) is planning to use its own resources and raise money to carry out relief activities through their field offices spread across the country.

The National Cooperative Federation (NCFN) is working to address the needs of its members.

These are the few we know, but there are many more doing their part and they need our support.

In order to coordinate the international solidarity efforts, the ICA has set up the ‘Cooperatives Combat COVID-19’ fund where you can donate. See the details below:

Beneficiary: Alliance Coopérative Internationale

Bank Name: KBC Brussels

Branch Name: KBC Brussels Dailly

Bank Address: Place Dailly 3 - 1030 Brussels - Belgium

IBAN: BE28 7340 3825 7920


Important! Reference “Donation India” when sending the bank transfer

The ICA Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) Regional Office, the NCUI and NCFN will work together to channel your contributions to cooperatives and those working to support cooperatives and their members.

There is also a need for in-kind contributions. In case you would like to send oxygen concentrators, oximeters, PPE kits, medicines, and other supplies, please reach out to the ICA-AP (, the NCUI ( and the NCFN (Chitra Subba

Your messages of well wishes are also important! Please send these to

Together cooperatives can combat COVID-19!

Read more about our work on COVID-19 here.

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