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Organizer and local partners 

The 16th ICA Asia-Pacific Research Conference is proposed to be held in Bandung, Indonesia from the 15-17 December 2022 hosted by the Indonesian Cooperative University (IKOPIN University). The conference is organized by the International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) Committee on Cooperative Research (CCR) and IKOPIN University to bring together academics and researchers on cooperatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will explore using a hybrid model, combining online and physical meetings to showcase the presentation of papers and discussion. 


Main theme and topics 


The cooperative movement has a shared identity and unity of purpose as the only organisational model with internationally recognised definition, values, principles, and a social movement behind it. The cooperative model of enterprise can be adapted to any sector of economic activity and takes the form of small and locally restrained businesses, as well as multi-national conglomerates. Cooperative enterprises serve, first and foremost, member needs – globally: 1 billion individuals.


The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the entire social, economic, and political fabric; locally, nationally, as well as globally. As is the case for every crisis, the pandemic is being dealt with through collective efforts. This time around, the global crisis needs a global effort. Cooperatives have responded to the harsh situation for their members and their communities. Some of them have also provided for an alternate way of organisation and mobilisation that make people and communities more resilient to potential future crises. 


As Cooperatives Europe recently addressed, the cooperative movement is one of “intense collaboration, of common understanding and mutual respect”, and at the same time, cooperation relies on a “stable international community, based on rules and principles that should not be undermined”. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as has been the case in other places in the world where armed conflicts persist, has created a humanitarian crisis. As stated in the ICA Declaration on Positive Peace through Cooperatives, conflicts arise from unmet human needs and aspirations. The ultimate goal for cooperatives is the satisfaction of basic human needs and aspirations. Cooperatives act for a better, more inclusive, more sustainable, more participative, and more prosperous future for all. 


The pandemic and world order calls for a rethinking of our dominant economic and social model. The current model is facing existential challenges. It defies natural and environmental boundaries. Cooperatives have taken the first steps towards Building Back Better, to put sustainable development, qualitative growth, and the economy of wellbeing as an ultimate goal. 


The cooperative values and principles call for an open, voluntary, and democratic process of decision-making. In an increasingly regulated, complex, and inter-dependent global economy, where market pressures are high, a current reference on the basic tenets of cooperative identity is required. Thus, the conference comes as an opportunity for the cooperative movement to reflect on its role in crisis, and its role in rebuilding a resilient global society. The presenters will deliberate as to what extent this unprecedented global crisis is a challenge but also an opportunity for the cooperative movement as a whole. As cooperatives innovate in their sectors of activity and in their typologies, the conference will gather leading thought from around the region and across sectors to reflect on our strategies and practices in order to continue building a better world.


Based on the above perspective, the conference aims to address a wide range of topics of the cooperative movement’s development through time and location from different scientific fields and traditions, including – among others: 


  1. Strengthening resilience of cooperative communities
  2. Coordination between cooperatives and Government, local bodies and other agencies 
  3. Corporate social responsibility, creating shared value, stakeholder engagement etc.
  4. Role of cooperatives in restoring normalcy, community involvement etc.
  5. Policy and legal frameworks, public private partnership etc.
  6. Governing commons through cooperatives: resources, irrigation, fisheries etc.
  7. New areas: Healthcare, elderly care, childcare, energy platforms etc.
  8. Cooperative and digital platform
  9. Cooperative and circular economy
  10. Cooperative and youth involvement for SDG #8


The above thematic topics are NOT exclusive and shall be re-defined based on the received submissions. 




Researchers interested to present their papers in the conference, need to submit an abstract of not more than 600 words that should broadly include the research question, methodology, likely contribution to the field of knowledge and relevant literature. The abstracts should be submitted in the following format:


  • Title of paper
  • Name(s) and affiliations of Authors
  • Main theme/ objective of the paper
  • Methodological and/or Conceptual approach
  • Bibliography, Keywords and Contact details for corresponding author(s).


Poster proposals may also be sent, especially by young researchers, postgraduate and doctoral students. All abstracts should reach the conference secretariat at on or before 30th June, 2022.


Young Scholars and Early Career Researchers’ Workshop


On the first day of the conference a dedicated workshop will be organized for young scholars and early career researchers in order to cultivate and enhance an interdisciplinary collaboration. The workshop will be an opportunity for these scholars to present their research in a friendly environment and be provided constructive feedback and support from senior academics researchers in the field. The organisers will provide select number of scholarships to cover the cost of travel and accommodation (if any), on merit-cum-need basis.


Important dates 




Young Researcher Award


The ICA-AP CCR will bestow two meritorious papers with Dr. Mauritz Bonow Young Researcher Award (US$ 500 and US$ 300) to researchers not over 35 years of age, presenting their papers in the conference.




The ICA-AP CCR is exploring various options to publish peer-reviewed research papers with reputed journals and book publishers. All presented full papers will be published in the conference proceeding (ISBN registered). 


Scientific Committee


  • Akira Kurimoto (Hosei University, Japan)
  • Eunju Choi (iCOOP Institute, South Korea)
  • Sidsel Grimstrad (University of Newcastle, Australia)
  • Yashavantha Dongre (University of Mysore, India)
  • Sugiyanto (IKOPIN University, Indonesia)
  • Yuanita Indriyani (IKOPIN University, Indonesia)
  • Ery Supriadi (IKOPIN University, Indonesia)
  • Giyanto Purbo (IKOPIN University, Indonesia)
  • Robby Tulus (Asia-Pacific Cooperative Research Partnership, Canada)


Organising Committee


  • Entis Sutisna (IKOPIN Alumni, Indonesia)
  • Yoedani (PCC Indonesia)
  • Rani Fitrianaria (PCC Indonesia)
  • Adri Sena (IKOPIN, Indonesia)
  • Moh. Fahreza (IKOPIN, Indonesia)
  • Heira Hardiyanti (IKOPIN, Indonesia)
  • M. Sena Luphdika (PCC Indonesia)
  • Fitri (IKOPIN, Indonesia)
  • Mohit Dave (ICA Asia and Pacific, India)


Event start date:
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Event end date:
Saturday, December 17, 2022
Venue: Bandung, Indonesia