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16th April 2019


Arrival of Pariticipants

ICA-AP Board Meeting (New World Saigon Hotel) - by invitation only

Office Bearer’s Meeting of ICA-AP Committee on Women


17th April 2019


Statutory Proceedings


Nomination of Conference Chairperson (host country)

Nomination of Drafting Committee in-charge of writing conference statement

Pre-Conference Report of the Regional Director, ICA Asia and Pacific 




Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, Regional Director, ICA Asia and Pacific


Session 1: Status of Co-operative Development in the 21st Century  


Status of global efforts to consolidate statistics on co-operatives

Mr. Chang-Hee Lee, Director, ILO Country Office for Vietnam Co-operatives and Producer Organizations in the Asia-Pacific


Ms.Kaori Abe, Programme Officer (Partnership and Resource Mobilization) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Food and Agriculture Organization. 


Co-operatives working in partnership with government to implement the Sustainable Development Goals

Mr. Keshav Prasad Badal, Chairman, National Cooperative Federation of Nepal.


Report on Legal Frameworks on Co-operatives in Asia-Pacific Region

Chair of Session: Atty. Adolfo A. Ibanez, Vice President, NATCCO, Philippines.




Dr. Robby Tulus,, Senior Consultant – Overview and South East Asia

Ms. Ann Apps, Lecturer, New Castle University – Oceania and Pacific

Prof. Akira Kurimoto, Chair, ICA-AP Research Committee – East Asia (Skype)

Mr. Pham Tri Thuc, Vice Chairman of Legal Committee of National Assembly, Vietnam


Session 1: Status of Co-operative Development in the 21st Century  

Report on Legal Frameworks on Co-operatives in Asia-Pacific Region


Chair of session: Dr. Bhagwati Prasad, Vice Chair, Coop House Building & Finance Corpn.




Ms. Burul Namazova, Expert, Jogroku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic (National Parliament)

Mr.W. Upali Herath, Consultant, Sri Lanka (South Asia)

Prof.Koo Chungok, President, The Korean Journal of Cooperative Studies, Rep. of Korea.

Report on data in co-operatives

Dr. Nandini Azad, Chairperson, ICA-AP Women Committee.


Opening Session


Video on the Status of the Cooperative Economy in Vietnam

Welcome Address: Mr. Li Chunsheng, President ICA-AP

Appreciation: Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning and Investment, Vietnam.

Welcome Address: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bao, President VCA

Mr. Le Minh Hoan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dong Thap Province, Vietnam

Introduction of Institute for Organic Agricultural Economics: Mr. Le Thanh, Director.

Keynote Address: Mr. Bruno Roelants, Director General, ICA.

Speech by Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Member of the Political Bureau & Vice Prime Minister, Vietnam.


18th April 2019


Session 2: National Statements on Regulation, Governance and Status of Co-operatives

Leg 1: Efforts by the State in promoting inclusive co-operative societies


Chair of session: Ms. Renia C. Salinas, Country Manager, Coop Dev. Foundation of Canada.


Mr. Deric Soh Kee Liang, Assistant Registrar, Registry of Coop Societies, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore.

Presentation by Mr. Helmut Pabst, Country Director, DGRV, Vietnam.

Presentation by Mr. Harm Haverkort, Country Director, AGRITERRA, Vietnam.

Report on Work & Ownership in Co-operatives in Asia-Pacific Region, Mr. Hyungsil Eum, Strategy and Statistics Coordinator, ICA.


Leg 2: Co-operatives in promotion of sustainable food systems & production


Chair of session: Datuk Mohamad Ali Hasan, Vice President, ANGKASA, Malaysia.


Mr. Abhilaksh Likhi, Joint Secretary and Central Registrar, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, India.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Vice President, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance.

Ms. Tshering Wangmo, Chief Marketing Officer, DAMC, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan.

Mr. Thaung Naing, Deputy Director General, Cooperative Department, Myanmar.

Ms.Dzhakshylykova Aizhan, Head of Legal Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry & Melioration, Kyrgyzstan.

Presentation by National Cooperative Development Corporation (Ms.Kalluru Thejovathy).


Leg 3: Increasing employment and entrepreneurship through co-operatives


Chair of session: Ms.Dolly Goh, Chief Executive Officer, SNCF, Singapore.


Ms.Meriam binti Mat Nor, Deputy Executive Chairman, Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission, Malaysia.

Mr. Ramesh Chand, Acting Director and Registrar of Cooperative Business, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Fiji.  

Dr. Toka raj Pandey,, Registrar, Department of Cooperatives, Nepal.

Mr.Osamu Nakano,, Chief of International Relations Office, Japanese Workers’ Cooperative Union, Japan.

Report on New Generation Co-operatives & Ease of Doing Co-operative Business, Mr. Krishnagopal GV, Access Livelihood Consulting, India.

Video presentation by Trebor Scholz, Director, Platform Cooperativism Consortium; Associate Professor, The New School, New York.


Panel Discussion


Towards an improved legal and regulatory environment for co-operative entrepreneurship in the 21st century in the context of the presentations on ICA-AP reports on Legal Frameworks, Work & Ownership and New Generation Co-operatives. Findings of the report and panel will steer further course of action for the ICA-AP on the conference theme.


Research teams of discussed reports (Legal Frames, Work & Ownership, New Generation Co-operatives, Data etc.), expert practitioners and academicians


Closing Session & Valedictory


Closing Statement by Mr. Balasubramanin G. Iyer, Regional Director, ICA-AP.  

Conference Findings and Resolution by Dr. Robby Tulus, Senior Consultant.

Vote of Thanks: Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Vice President, VCA


Friday, 19th April 2019


Field visit to agricultural cooperatives in Dong Nai and Tay Ninh province


Event start date:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Event end date:
Friday, April 19, 2019
Venue: Vietnam