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February 4, 2019


Opening Addresses


H.E. Mr. Mohamed Sajid, Honourable Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Craft & Social Economy, Government of Morocco.

Mrs.Jamila ElMossalli, Secretary State of Handicrafts and Social Economy, Government of Morocco.

Mr. Japheth Magomere, President ICA Africa

Dr. Sifa Chiyoge, Regional Director, ICA Africa

Mr. Balasubramanian G. Iyer, Regional Director, ICA Asia and Pacific.


Key-Note Address


Fostering Co-operative Partnerships to Enhance Collective Action on Sustainable Development Goals : Existing Framework & Recommendations

Mr. Huseyin Polat, Professor of Cooperative Management Expert & Training (Former UN/ILO Expert on Cooperative Development)


Welcome Lunch& Group Picture

Venue: Kenzi Menara Palace, Marrakech

Dress Code: Formals


Study visit to local co-operatives in Marrakech: Coordinated by the MTACS


February 5, 2019


Session 1


Enabling Environment for Co-operatives

To take stock of the existing situationfor co-operative enterprises and to deliberate on commonalities, challenges and opportunities in the legal and policy environment for development of cooperatives in MENA.


  • Legal & regulatory Environment for co-operatives in the State of Palestine
  • Legal & regulatory Environment for Co-operatives and role of co-operative apex in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Legal & policy Environment for Co-operatives and Co-operative Development in the Lebanese Republic
  • Current Situation of Cooperatives: Characteristics, Challenges and opportunities in Kingdom of Morocco
  • New dynamic of the social and solidarity economy in Tunisia which includes cooperatives with a focus on the specificities of the legal and institutional framework of cooperatives as well as the related public policies.



Mr. Hüseyin Polat, Professor of Cooperative Management & Training (Former UN/ILO Expert on Cooperative Development)




Mr. Jamal Mubaslat, Assistant E.D., Economic and Social Development Centre, Palestine

Mr. Khaled Al Tawalbe, Jordanian Cooperative Corporation, Jordan 

Ms. Gloria Abouzeid Monarcha, Director General of Co-operatives, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Lebanon

Mrs. Hakima Khaless, Chief of Training and Information Division, The Office for The Development of the Cooperation, Morocco

Mr. Karim Toumi, ILO , Senior National Coordinator, PROMESS project "Promotion of organizations and mechanisms of the social and solidarity economy"


Session 2


Cooperatives& Emerging Areas of Business


To identify emerging trends in  areas like renewable energy, services, education etc., and ideas to create and develop new generation cooperatives in these areas

Model Case study from Malaysia on  School Cooperatives

Model Case from Renewable Energy Sources Cooperative Federation, Belgium : REScoop MECISE and The Mobility Factory

Worker Cooperative Movement in Japan

Cooperative innovation: Insertion lever for young people and women

Woman cooperatives in Morocco 



Mr. Mostafa Benouaicha, Chief Of Information Service, ODCO, Morocco 



Dato Kamruddin Ismail, ICA Global Board Member and Vice President, ANGKASA Malaysia

Mr. Daan Creupelandt, Coordinator Renewable Energy Sources Co-operatives, Belgium (Via Video)

Mr. Osamu Nakano, Board Member, Japan Worker Co-operatives Union

Mr. Mounir El Ghazoui, Vice-president of the Moroccan Network of the Social and Solidarity Economy, Morocco

Mrs.Hayat Zouhir, Law Service, ODCO, Morocco



Session 3

Enhancing C2C Trade Facilitation


To promote trade & business, improve data among cooperatives in MENA, and prepare the necessary ground to advocate for a conducive environment.


Inter-cooperation of cooperatives in the dynamics of trade and business, Morocco.

Recent initiatives towards promoting international trade among co-operatives by JCC

Prospects of C2C Trade by Agricultural Cooperatives

Trade & Business for Co-operatives in Saudi Arabia 



Dato Kamruddin Ismail, ICA Global Board Member and Vice President, ANGKASA Malaysia




Mr. Abdellatif khkattabi, President of the Moroccan Association of Regional Sciences and Prof. at the National Forest Engineering School, Morocco

Mr. Khaled Al Tawalbe, Jordanian Cooperative Corporation, Jordan 

Mr. Jamal Alnimer, Chairperson, Palestine Agricultural Cooperative Union

Mr. Abdullah Alhamranie, Representative of Co-operative Societies, Saudi Arabia 


February 6, 2019


Panel Discussion


Co-operatives in the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development


To highlight the work of the two partnering ICA offices in key development areas like agriculture and allied sectors with focus on addressing issues around the following

  •  No Poverty (Goal 1),
  • Zero Hunger (Goal 2) ,
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8) and Partnerships (Goal 17) and,
  • to explore ways to leverage the recognition given to co-operatives in international instruments



Ms. Gloria Abouzeid, Registrar of Co-operatives, Lebanon/ Ms.Mounia Hasnaoui , Cheif of financial and human resources Division, ODCO, Morocco




Video from Cooperative Touda produced by #Coops4Dev and AroundTheWorld.Coop

Mr. Abed Yasin, Project Manager, Economic and Social Development Center, Palestine

Mr. Montasser Ben Souissi, Expert in communication for development , Tunisia

Mr. Marwan EL Hahlaissi, Regional Representative of the African Network of Social and Solidarity Economy (RAESS) in Marrakech-Safi, Morocco

Dr. Sifa Chiyoge, RD, ICA Africa

Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, RD, ICA-AP


Session 4


Cooperatives & Inclusive Society


To recognize and promote the inclusive action by co-operatives in reducing inequalities and building an inclusive society with participation of women and youth as well positive action by CSOs towards protecting the environment and securing rights of the marginalized.

Development paradigm in MENAregion and role for CSOs and Cooperatives

Measures by CSO networks in promoting environmentally sustainable work practices

  • Organization of Islamic Cooperatives
  • Development Cooperation in the Mediterranean
  • Cooperative Economy: Tunisian Experience



Mr. Jamal Al Nimer, President, Palestinian Agircultural Cooperative Union



Mr. Anas El Hasnaoui, L’espace Associative, Member - Arab NGO Network for Sustainable Development

Mr. Semia Gharbi , Environmentalist, AEEFG Regional Hub IPEN (North Africa)

Dato Mohd Ghazali Md Noor, Strategic Advisor, ASEAN Cooperative Organization

Mr. Carlos Lozano, Secretariat of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Social Economy (ESMED) (VIA VIDEO)

Mr. Naoufel Haddad, President of consumer cooperative “ Tunisie.Coop”, Tunisia


Concluding session, Recommendations and Vote of thanks 


Mr. Hüseyin Polat, Cooperative Expert, Former Chief of ILO Coop Unit.

Functionary MTACS, ODCO,

RD, ICA Africa



February 7, 2019

Departure to home countries


Event start date:
Monday, February 4, 2019
Event end date:
Thursday, February 7, 2019