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Second International Forum on Development of Co-operatives in Central Asia

Promoting Enabling Environment and Advancing Co-operative Knowledge

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

September 11 to 13, 2018



September 11, 2018


Opening Ceremony 


Kubonbek Boronov- Vice Prime Minister

Akylbek Japarov- Member of Parliament 


Speeches by


Ms. Nazik Beishenaly,President, Cooperative Union of Krygyzstan (CUK)

H.E. Mr. Mukhammedkalyi Abylgaziev, The Prime Minister of Kyrgyz Republic 

Mr. Aitmamt Nazarov, Chair of Parliamentary committee on agriculture, water resources, enviornment and regional development, kyrgyz Republic

Mr. Akylbek Zhaparov- Member of Parliament, Committee on Budget and Finance.

H.E. Mr. Nurbek Murashev, Minister of Agriculture, Kyrgyz Republic

Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, Regional Director, International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP)

Dr. C.P. Singh Yadav, Vice President ICA-AP& President, National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI)

Mr. Illia Gorokhovskyi , Member of Executive Committee, Consumer Cooperative Worldwide (CCW)

Mr. Dorjee Kinlay, Country Director, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)


Keynote speech by Dr. US Awasthi, Managing Director , Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO), India


Session 1: Enabling Legal and Policy Environment


The Kyrgyz Republic has a co-operative law which has been amended from time to time.  The session is to open a dialogue with CUK and nodal Ministry of Agriculture to look at the current law, it’s applicability and need for amendments in line with co-operative principles. The policy instrument will define role, functions and responsibility of all the actors and bring clarity in inter-relationship and help create a conducive and enabling environment.


Moderator: Mr. Todor Ivanov, Secretary General, European Community of Consumer Co-operatives


H.E. Mr. Nurbek Murashev, Minister of Agriculture, Kyrgyz Republic -Presentation of co-operative law of the country and reflections from the national sustainable development strategy

Ms. Nazik Beishenaly, President, CUK- Perspective of CUK on the coop law: advantages, issues, challenges, and recommendations

Mr. Huseyin Polat, former ILO Expert, Turkey- Experience and case study sharing from Turkey and other countries and prospects for Kyrgyzstan in the light of ILO recommendation-193.

Prof. Hagen Henry, Research Director, University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Finland- International perspective on an inclusive co-op legal framework to create an enabling environment 

Ms. Bermet Stakeeva, Forum of Women NGOs of Kyrgyzstan- Perspective on women in co-operatives

Mr. Narbaeva Mavluda Chairman of the cooperative “Yzar”- The experience of Yzar cooperative


Session 2: Develop linkage between agriculture and consumer co-operatives


The dominant livelihood industry in Central Asian countries are agriculture. They face problems in farm inputs and guidance, supply chain, quality and most significantly market to link with consumers. The session will have speakers share experiences across sectors and explore opportunities to strengthen agriculture and consumer co-operative. A pool of resources will be created to strengthen the co-operatives.


Moderator: Prof. Hagen Henry 


Mr. Choduev Erkinbek, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Kyrgyz Republic - Prevailing situation, actors other than co-operatives and government initiatives to address challenges, future plans

Ms. Ainura Imanbekova,Managing Director, CUK- The Role of Cooperation in the Development of Agribusiness in Kyrgyzstan, the Problems Faced by Farmers, Problem-Solving and Plans for the Future. The Experience of the Union of Cooperatives of Kyrgyzstan and the Necessity to Develop Trade and Logistics Centers on the Cooperative Bases, as well as the Development of Consumer Cooperatives with the Aim of Solving and Marketing Agricultural Products.

Mr. Peter Hunt, Managing Director, Mutuo- Plans to develop and strengthen consumer co-ops network in Central Asia and next steps

Mr. Yong Khang, General Manager, Global Cooperation Office, National Agricultural Co-operative Federation, Korea- Address gaps in production and supply chain and plans to strengthen capacity of stakeholders -> 'Agricultural Marketing of NACF: a Bridge between Farmers to Consumers'

Mr. Zhang Wangshu, Director, All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC)- Sharing work on e-commerce, use of technology in marketing and co-op recycling initiatives and how to engage with CUK in marketing of agricultural produces.

Mr. Jenishbek Joldubaev Сhairman of the cooperative “Nukok”- The experience of Nukok cooperative and Nookat” clc


September 12, 2018


Session 3: ICA Principle-5 Education and Training: Strengthening HRD and Co-operative eduation and training 


The conclusion and recommendation of the First Forum mentioned that, ‘Contrary to the definition of co-operatives made by the ICA in its Co-operative Identity Statement, co-operatives are wrongly considered either as extended arm of the government entities or among the “non-profit” organizations. Therefore, in order to distinguish co-operatives from other types of businesses, the term “co-operative” should be understood clearly and underlined in the related legislative texts indicated that co-operatives are distinct, independent and member-owned enterprises working according to the ICA’s co-operative principles and values. Hence, there is need for co-operative education and training on various levels of co-op business management skills to strengthen capacity of co-operative members, stake holders as well as the co-op institutions.  


Moderator Mr. Huseyin Polat


Ms. Savitri Singh, Program Director, ICA-AP- Reflection on ICA Principle 5-‘Education, training and information’ and status of coop training network around the world and in AP region, their contribution in co-op HRD

Representative of Ministry of Agriculture, Kyrgyz Republic (tbc)- Status report on farmers and producers’ capacity building initiatives by the govt, achievements, challenges and gaps

Ms. Anara Baijumanova, Expert, CUK- Status report on capacity building initiatives of co-op members: achievements, challenges, gaps and way forward.

Ms. Kozhogulova Venera Sovetovna , Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Information Systems. Kyrgyz National Agricultural University- Presentation of training status and result of need assessment

Dr. Azizbek Sharipov, Chairman of National Association of Dehkan Farms of Tajikistan ( NADEF)- Sharing work of NADF  RT on the Development and Strengthening of the Co-operative Movement in Tajikistan, the development of the farming industry and the development  of tourism  in Tajikistan and to explore opportunities for engagement with CUK

Mr. Any Kim, Manager , Korean Federation of Credit Co-operatives (KFCC)- Overview of KFCC and their international  training and development programs and possible engagement with cooperatives in Central Asia.


Session 4: Panel on International Cooperation for Sustainable Development 


The EUD, ILO and other international agencies are working with co-operatives in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Central Asia Region. This session aims at listening to perspective of these partners and their experience on engaging with farmers, rural community and co-operatives and how to build partnership with co-ops in achieving sustainable development.


Moderator:  Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, Regional Director, ICA-AP: Setting the agenda with examples of engagement of ICA with international agencies in various countries and projects and on exploring possibility to engage with Co-operatives in Central Asia

Ms. Charlotte Adriaen- Head of Cooperation, European Union Delegation to Kyrgyz Republic

Mr. Hartwing Ungethuem, German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) 

Mr. Dorjee Kinlay, Country Director, FAO

Mr. Bolot Orokov, International Labour Organisation

Ms. Nuriia Choibaeva, United Nations Development Program


September 13, 2018

Visit to co-operatives – arranged by CUK




Event start date:
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Event end date:
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Venue: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic