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MYCOON from India, the first runner-up team of Coopathon 3.0, is led by three engineers with expertise in sustainable development, mechanical engineering, and business development. ‘Myco’ is a Greek word for mushroom and ‘Coon’ is a vernacular word for mushroom in Kerala, a state in Southern India. Their innovative model is to grow biomaterials using agriculture residues and fungal mycelium and create employment for the local youth in the production process.


Coming from engineering backgrounds, it was easy for them to manufacture the biomaterials which are completely natural and biodegradable, but they also wanted to create sustainable impact through their business. The products have great potential in the construction industry as a sustainable alternative to wall and ceiling panels and plywood, and in the packaging industry as a replacement for Styrofoam. ‘Coopathon came at a time when we were keenly looking for a platform to share our innovation’, said Advait, Team Leader, Mycoon.


Watch Advait explain more about their initiative and plans in this Video.