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The Go Green Campaign is an initiative of ICYC, started in 2018, to encourage youth from the Asia-Pacific to combat the global threat of climate change and its impacts, by planting trees on International Mother Earth Day. Based on the belief and cooperative value of ‘Self-Help and Solidarity’, the campaign manifests that youth and cooperatives can be a part of something greater while sustaining their environment.


The Go Green campaign is now in its third year and builds on previous initiatives carried out in 2018 and in 2019, the campaign was expanded to include youth from Africa and generated very enthusiastic participation. Read the 2018 Go Green campaign report here


In 2020, Go Green 3.0 was celebrated as World Goes Green, with the Youth Committees of ICA-AP, ICA-Africa and ICA-Americas. Each region has been organising activities in accordance with local requirements. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year the network encouraged participants to plant trees at home or their workplace. ​ICYC organised an international webinar on Youth Cooperatives for Climate Action on 7th July to commemorate the International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) on 4th July. The theme for this year’s IDC was Cooperatives for Climate Action in support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Climate Action.


The purpose of the international webinar on Go Green Campaign was to create awareness about the climate action and how youth are engaged in decreasing carbon emissions through cooperatives. The committee invited Ms. Ruth Legg who works as the Manager, HSBC Bank Canada and also serves on the board of Modo, a British Columbia car-sharing cooperative serving over 20,000 members, whose business contributes directly to reducing climate change; Ms. Yohana Tamara Yunisa from Indonesia, who leads the agriculture project on Cocoa Conversation; and Ms. Emma Patterson who leads Climate Change and Sustainability at SAOS, Agriculture Cooperative from Scotland. The session was moderated by Mr. Robby Tulus, Cooperative Activist from Canada.


ICYC selected three volunteers from Indonesia and Pakistan to be a part of the Campaign and get exposure to the international workings and cross-cultural environment of cooperatives. The webinar had 112 participants registered from around the world. Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson, ICYC explained that the Go Green Campaign began with a question about how the cooperative movement can connect with youth and support the SDGs. This movement can be done not only by planting trees, but also involving all the communities in a platform to work in an environmentally conscious way. Mr. Alireza Banaeifar, Vice Chairperson of ICYC said that around one million species of animals and plants are extinct because human activity has overwhelmed the planet. We can mitigate these impacts by taking small steps individually and collectively towards a greener and sustained planet.


This webinar was also attended by Ms. Julie LePalme, General Secretary of Coop Housing International; Ms. Hilda Ojal, and Mr. Kobenan Maurice Koffi from ICYC-Africa; Ms. Angelica Soberanes, ICYC-Americas. All of them conveyed their appreciation to ICYC for organising Go Green Campaign 3.0: World Goes Green.


Mr. Robby Tulus said that one of the interesting things is that “when young people are engaged in cooperatives that are oriented towards the future, we are not only oriented to existing values but also creating new positive values ​​every day and young people have a very vital role for that.”


Mr. Shree Padmanabhan, Secretary of ICYC and Mr. Alireza Banaeifar delivered the closing statements by reiterating the opportunity posed by global consolidated action to bring together young co-operators and youth in a shared goal and agenda.