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The Japanese Cooperative Movement witnessed a historic moment with the unanimous enactment of Worker Cooperative Act on 4th December 2020.


Japanese cooperators have been campaigning for over 40 years to have an act for Worker Cooperatives. In the absence of a specific act, worker cooperatives had to register either as non-profit organisations or small and medium enterprises.  The adoption of the new law gives workers cooperatives their due recognition and enables them to register as cooperatives with legal backing. This will also pave way for new employment opportunities for the newer generations.


Mr. Nobuhiro Furumura, Chairperson, Japan Workers' Co-operative Union said “Today, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, we live in the midst of unease and confusion to which no end is in sight. I cannot help but think that the enactment of the Workers' Cooperatives Act in Japan under such conditions was somehow inevitable. I see the Act as being intended not merely to establish a way of cooperative but to take on the challenge of returning to the essential fundamentals of society: self-governance, human rights, and democracy.”


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