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The Japanese Consumers' Co-operatives Union (JCCU) and iCOOP Korea (iCOOP) organised a webinar on 9th December 2020 as a self-study project for their staff.


The participants included 18 representatives from Japan (JCCU - Public Relations Division, Member Relations Division, General Operations Division, and the Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan) and 13 representatives from Korea (iCoop International Team, Education Team, Management Support Team of iCOOP Support Center, and iCOOP Co-operative Institute).


The objectives of the webinar were to learn about each other's organisations and to share knowledge and knowhow of their operations. The programme included lectures and group sessions to reflect on the business and social activities of each organisation. All participants were encouraged to ask questions about each other's organisations. Each session was translated into both Japanese and Korean. At the end of the session, the participants had a better understanding of both countries’ consumer cooperatives as well as the relationship between international cooperatives. 


ICA-AP Consumer Committee is also considering similar events with other Consumer Cooperatives in the region.