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Dear members,


A month ago, I invited all of you to participate in this year’s International Day of Cooperatives (or Coopsday) campaign and today, I would like to thank all of you for not just participating, but for confirming that the cooperative movement is indeed engaged in protecting our planet. Each of you has demonstrated the many ways cooperatives are taking action against climate change and are leaders in your community.


To celebrate Coopsday and illustrate this year’s #Coops4ClimateAction theme, I’m pleased to announce there are two winners for this year’s inaugural photo competition as it was impossible to choose one. They were submitted by: 


  • Middlebury Natural Food Cooperative (Vermont, USA). In this photo, their staff is posing with items they proudly reuse at the cooperative, and all are engaged in implementing a “zero waste” program.
  • The Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (Centrosoyuz of Russia). Centrosoyuz represnts more than 2000 consumer cooperatives in 70 regions in the country. The winning photo illustrates students in their cooperative institutions who often take the inititative to protect their fragile ecosystems.



In addition, you also may be interested in:


  • The cooperative stories: This year 70 cooperatives are represented on our interactive map in collaboration with Dotcoop.
  • An inspirational video message from ICA president Ariel Guarco.
  • The “In 10 years, I hope…” video consisting of submissions from the cooperative movement.
  • The #Coops4ClimateAction social media campaign, which includes some visuals for you spread the word on your social media accouts.


To view all of this and more, please visit


Next week on Thursday 9th July 2020, COPAC will continue celebrating CoopsDay, with an online webinar taking place from 09:00 to 10:30 EDT (15:00 to 16:30 CEST). There will be a screening of a short documentary on the Creando Conciencia cooperative, who are fighting ecological and social injustice through decent work, mobilising the local economy and expanding opportunities in the Benavidez district in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two cooperatives will also present their work on climate action and sustainable development, which will be followed by an interactive discussion on how to expand the impact of cooperatives worldwide in the field of climate action. More information will be shared on this webinar soon through a mailing and our social media channels.


Lastly, we have many other stories of cooperatives around the world who continue to implement sustainable and practical solutions to protect the planet. Please take a moment to read about them here

Thank you once again for your leadership in the fight against climate change, and Happy International Day of Cooperatives!


Thank you!



Bruno Roelants

Director General