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ICA-AP is pleased to welcome two new members from China.



Fujian  Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (FUJIAN COOP) is a union of all supply and marketing cooperatives across Fujian province. Their direct members are: 1 provincial-level supply and marketing coop; 9 district or municipal level coops; 1 coop in an experimental zone; 68 county-level coops; 938 grassroots coops; 8,199 specialised farmers’ coops; and 413 federations of farmers’ coops. FUJIAN COOP’s services reach 520,000 individual members. Their annual turnover in 2019 was CNY 231.2 billion (EUR 30 billion). Website:






Jiangsu Supply and Marketing General Cooperative is a provincial level federation representing supply and marketing cooperatives. It focuses on providing comprehensive services to the agriculture industry, rural areas and farmers, as well as their daily life. Their direct members are: 13 city-level supply and marketing coops; 81 county-level; and 1,145 farmers’ professional primary coops. It has 8,920 farmers professionalised coops, 391 distribution centers, and 56,000 chain outlets. Their services reach 660,000 individual members. Their annual turnover in 2019 was CNY 472.4 billion (EUR 60 billion). Website:


ICA-AP now has 109 members from 32 countries.