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We are shocked and saddened to inform you of the sudden demise of Mr. Kwek Kok Kwong, Board member of ICA-AP; Board member of ICA Global; Chairperson of the Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF), and CEO of NTUC Learning Hub.
Just the other day, we had the opportunity to hear him congratulate the ICA Asia-Pacific on its 60th Anniversary and his desire to continue the strong relationship!
KK or K3 as he was popularly known was very committed to the Asia-Pacific region and ever keen to see that cooperatives keep pace with technology. Under his leadership, NTUC Learning Hub Co-operative emerged as one of Singapore’s largest continuing education and training providers. His vision was to se NTUC Learning Hub generate its own content, work with world-leading content providers, and equip workers with Adaptive, Technology and Technical Skills to meet the Industry 4.0 needs

Mr. Kwek Kok Kwong was elected to the Regional Board in November 2016 in India and to the ICA Global Board in 2017 in Malaysia. As CEO of NTUC Learning Hub Co-operatives since February 2013, he led Learning Hub to be a leading training organization and cooperative in Singapore, training more than 10,000 workers per month in various areas like trade skills, soft skills, IT, safety and health, so that they remain relevant to market needs. He graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Public Administration and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner. Prior to joining NTUC, Kok Kwong served with distinction in the Singapore Armed Forces
Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Kwek’s family, staff at NTUC Learning Hub and SNCF.
Li Chunsheng
ICA Asia-Pacific

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