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Society for the Protection and Assistance of Socially Disadvantaged Individuals (SPASDI) along with Halièus and other associates organized the Final Capitalization Conference of the SPRING on 19th January 2021. The virtual conference represented an occasion to share the project's results and define the way forward to continue strengthening the cooperative movement in Iran.


The project, Strengthening CSO's Participation for a Responsible and Inclusive Agriculture Growth (SPRING) was aimed at strengthening the rural cooperatives in the province of Bam through the promotion of inclusive processes of sustainable development (date producers' cooperatives and a women cooperative processing dates). The project supported the capacity of cooperatives to respond to the needs and aspirations of rural producers in the Bam area through product enhancement and marketing services and extensive production services. At the same time, the capacity of cooperatives to participate and guide the creation of local development plans was strengthened. It involved public actors and other civil society organizations (CSO), in a cross-sector perspective, particularly with tourism and culture, given the historical and cultural value of the Bam area (the citadel of Bam is a UNESCO site).


The project, co-funded by the European Union through the CSO Programme, involved the organizations of Iranian agricultural cooperatives (CORC and CURACI) as associates, together with Legacoop, to ensure that the project moved within the framework of strengthening relations between the Italian cooperative movement and the cooperatives of the partner countries. Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, Regional Director, ICA Asia and Pacific, delivered a talk on “The synergic initiatives of the international cooperative movement at Regional level” in the event.