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Waking the Asian Pacific Cooperative Potential, was launched in June 2020. This book is a culmination of five years of research, involving 34 academics across 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific and is based on a cross country comparison methodology of successful cooperatives in different socio-political systems. It provides numerous case studies drawn from successful cooperative organisations; advances a theoretical framework to help readers access and understand the reasons for cooperative success in the Asia-Pacific, and develops tools for practitioners to establish effective cooperatives and restructure them to optimal goals.


The book has been led by an Editorial Board closely associated with ICA-AP research: Professor Morris Altman, University of Dundee, Scotland; Professor Yashavantha Dongre, University of Mysore, India; Professor Seungkwon Jang, Sungkonghoe University, Korea; Professor Anthony Jensen, University of Newcastle, Australia; Professor Akira Kurimoto, Hosei University, Japan; and Drs. Robby Tulus, Credit Union Movement, Indonesia. It comes at a critical time when the Post-COVID 19 world is looking at alternatives to the market driven, inequality widening, consumption led, environment depleting models. There is need to bring attention to the cooperative model with its member focus, democratic control, sustainable business and community concern.


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