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Cooperatives play a crucial role in promoting economic development, social inclusion and sustainable practices worldwide. Understanding cooperative law, along with its effective implementation and the process of drafting bylaws, is fundamental to promote the development of cooperatives and ensuring their sustainability. Through this webinar, the International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) aims to explore the core concepts of cooperative law, explore its practical application and outline the steps involved in drafting effective bylaws.



The main objective of this webinar is to provide youth with a general understanding  of implementation strategies and indicative knowledge about cooperative law and by laws. By bringing together experts and practitioners from different regions, the webinar aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, promote dialogue and advocate for best practices in cooperative governance.


Focus Areas:

The webinar will cover several key topics. First, it will look at the laws that govern cooperatives at both the national and international level. It will also emphasise the importance of bylaws in defining the structure, governance and operations of cooperatives, and highlight key elements to consider when drafting bylaws, such as membership criteria, decision-making processes and dispute resolution mechanisms. The webinar will provide guidance on developing model articles of association and discuss best practices in drafting articles of association.


The webinar will also address the importance of legal resources for young people. This includes promoting the development of resources such as handbooks on cooperative law, proposing government regulations to support the development of cooperatives, and promoting research initiatives and educational programmes aimed at improving the understanding of cooperative law.


In addition, the webinar will present case studies and success stories from the Asia-Pacific region, showcasing successful cooperation models and analysing the legal frameworks that have contributed to their success. The session will draw lessons and recommendations for replicating these successful models in different contexts.



ICYC aims to enhance participants' understanding of cooperative law, its implementation, and the process of drafting bylaws. This webinar will provide practical insights and essential resources, equipping participants with the knowledge and tools needed to actively support and sustain cooperative development. ICYC goal is to create a supportive legal environment that fosters the growth and resilience of cooperatives worldwide. This webinar will ensure that participants gain valuable insights and practical knowledge.




Event start date:
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Event end date:
Wednesday, July 10, 2024