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ICA-AP, in collaboration with the Jordan Co-operative Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture, will organize the 11th Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference (APCMC). It will be hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from 28 to 30 April 2024 in Amman, Jordan.


The APCMC was instituted by the ICA-AP in 1990. It is a quadrennial conference to provide a platform for cooperative leaders and ministers in charge of cooperatives from countries in the Asia Pacific to discuss current and emerging issues, set a common agenda for the development of cooperatives and advocate an enabling legal and policy environment for cooperatives to operate.  


The theme for the 11th APCMC is “Government-Cooperative Partnership for Cooperative Resilience, Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth in Asia Pacific & MENA Region”.


The Conference will examine the contribution of cooperatives in the Asia Pacific region to build resilience, promote sustainable development, and ensure inclusive growth. It will analyze the existing partnerships between governments and cooperatives, highlight the benefits of their collaborative initiatives, identify challenges in building partnerships and propose strategies to overcome them. It will also aim to provide recommendations for policymakers and cooperative stakeholders to strengthen and expand such partnerships for sustainable and inclusive development.


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