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The ICA-AP in collaboration with the ICA-EU Partnership, the ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC), and the ICA-Domus Trust is organising the third edition of Asia Pacific Cooperative Youth Summit (APCYS 3.0) from 27th July to 29th July 2021. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for latest updates!


APCYS aims to bring together youth from different parts of the region and imbibe in them the spirit and culture of cooperatives. APCYS 1.0, “Youth Cooperatives and the Power of Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, held in Bali, Indonesia in 2016 had 70 young participants from 17 countries. APCYS 2.0, “Creative Skills, Cooperative Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development”, organized in Cebu, Philippines had 147 young cooperators participating from 17 countries. The summits provided a platform for youth in the region to interact with each other, hear stories from young coop entrepreneurs, pitch their ideas to start cooperatives, engage in team activities, and make friends from the cooperative movement.


This year, APCYS 3.0, “Celebrating Youth as Torchbearers of the Cooperative Identity” will be a virtual event to celebrate the role played by youth in cooperatives, showcase youth entrepreneurs, hear pitches from youth about new forms of cooperatives, and excite them about cooperatives and their role in it.


APCYS 3.0 will provide a platform for youth to:


  • Shine spotlight on youth who are at the forefront of starting new cooperatives to address needs in their communities.
  • Explore how the cooperative identity can be a competitive advantage in attracting the young and in exploring new opportunities.
  • Create an environment for youth to be engaged in work driven by passion and empathy towards others through cooperative values and principles, rather than competition and profit-making.
  • Hear from youth, the new and sustainable enterprise ideas on cooperatives that cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth and their community, through the Coop Pitch Competition.


If you are part of the cooperative movement in your country or want to learn more about cooperatives, this summit is for you. And if you also have a knack for entrepreneurship and want to contribute to the cooperative movement, the Coop Pitch Competition is an opportunity for you to start. It is an integral part of the summit, designed to find new and sustainable enterprise ideas on cooperatives.

For more information on registration process, stay tuned to ICA-AP website and social media channels.