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Cooperative Bulk Handling Ltd. (CBH Group), an ICA member in Australia, has set a new receival record, taking more grain during the 2022-23 harvest than last year (21.3 million tonnes), the largest year on record in its 90-year history.



This is a huge achievement for everyone involved in the Western Australian (WA) grain industry, including growers, their families and employees, the CBH team, grower groups, agribusinesses, agronomists, transporters and the communities that support farming in WA. Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Mick Daw acknowledged the contribution of the CBH team in achieving this record and said, "I would especially like to thank everyone- from the frontline employees to the ports and offices across WA- for the part you've played in us being able to reach this record". 



In addition to the harvest receivals reaching new highs, CBH’s supply chain also set new records. For the first time in its history, CBH has shipped a record 2.18 million tonnes of grain and railed 1 million tonnes in a single month in December 2022 surpassing the previous shipping record of 1.89 million tonnes set in January 2017 by 15 per cent.



Mr. Daw extended his congratulations to the hardworking frontline CBH employees across the state, dedicated transporters and contractors, and the regional communities that support the grain growers of Western Australia.



Read the full report here.