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ICA-AP Committee on Cooperative Research (CCR) conducted the 5th COOP Colloquium on 21 April to continue its academic dialogue on issues that are relevant to cooperative education and research. 123 participants from 7 countries joined the webinar.


Dr. Yashvantha Dongre, Chairperson, ICA-AP CCR welcomed the participants and said that the experience of cooperative scholarship across the Asia and Pacific region is rich & diverse. The    ICA-AP CCR is bringing these together in COOP Colloquium to share, inform and learn. Mr. Mohit Dave, Secretary of ICA-AP CCR said that each iteration of the colloquium focuses on a theme and presents different perspectives on promoting inclusive and quality education for cooperatives.




Dr. Hilda San Gabriel, Chairperson, Department of Cooperatives and Social Development, Polytechnic University of Philippines (PUP) made a presentation on its aim to deepen the understanding and appreciation of cooperative education and to promote the sector’s significant contributions to national development particularly in the areas of poverty alleviation, community building, social justice, and economic growth. PUP is a government educational institution; its Department of Cooperatives and Social Development offers a Bachelor of Science in Cooperatives (BSc Coop) Program, a four-year bachelor’s degree course aimed to produce cooperative technopreneurs and provide human resources and manpower to the cooperative sector. As the PUP positions itself to become a National Polytechnic University, the BSc Coop Program envisions producing globally competitive graduates who will be professionally competent, morally discerning, change agents, and social innovators for national development.


Her presentation was followed by a Q&A round with participants asking a few questions, thanking her and hoping the colloquium will inspire the attendees to go back to the core of the cooperative education framework.


ICA-AP CCR was established in 2000 to promote, support, and further research activities within cooperatives and research organizations at regional, national and local levels, to enhance their social and economic effectiveness. It has members working in the field of research and academia and from member organizations of the ICA-AP. During its 23 years of existence, it has organized several regional research conferences and local seminars.